26 August 2016

Black & White Photographer Erin Nøir collaborates with KLTRD for a Capsule Collection

The Makati independent community purveyor, KLTRD is at it again. After their successful collaboration with barber collective, Slick Barbers Co., and skate team and brand, Stargate, the brand is set to release another one this coming Saturday. This time they look to photography for the collection's expression, and fittingly, Erin Nøir is who they found. Her passion for the local photography community is similar to KLTRD's passion for the Makati independent culture, a common denominator that drives the collaboration. The Capsule Collection includes t-shirts by KLTRD, and tote bags and postcards by Erin Nøir. It will all be launched this coming Saturday at Satinka Naturals in Makati City, you can visit the event page for more details. There will be music sets by various local producers and artists such as, Calix, Like Animals, Paincake Patrol, Alisson Shore, Indio Bendana and more. 

In addition, Erin Nøir will also be releasing the first MONO Collective Photo Zine. It features 50 black and white photographs by local photographers. More about it in this link. So if you have nothing planned for this coming Saturday, it's a good day to immerse yourself to the ever growing independent culture.

Girl In Transit's "Hardly A Promise" Collection is the Commute Aesthetic you need in the Metro

Following their debut collection, Lovers in the Parking Lot, Girl In Transit is at it again with the launch of their second lookbook, Hardly A Promise. The much anticipated collection draws inspiration from East Asian flair which range from color palettes to traditional garments. Here, you can expect a variety of pieces from t-shirts to outerwear. Stand above the commute crowd as you wear their "Girl" statement tees in pops of color, like yellow and red. Or opt to amp your look for the day with their "Girl" noragi or their "Girl" coach jacket. Then, while you're at it, throw in their "girl x Satchmi" cap for good measure.

The items will first be made available live via a pop-up store happening this Friday, August 26, at Special Affair, Girl In Transit's official launch party. The launch will feature performances from the likes of Curtismith, BP Valenzuela, Crwn, and Olympia, and will be held at The Belle and Dragon. But for the mean time, as we wait on our toes, you can have a sneak peak of their newest lookbook below.

24 August 2016

Titan Collaborates with Brandblack for their 6th Year Special J. Crossover 3 "Mr. Mayhem"

The pioneer of basketball-centric concept store in the Philippines, Titan celebrates their 6th year in the most grand way to date. Correct us if we're wrong, this may actually be the first ever sneaker collaboration with an international brand that came out of Manila. So it's extremely a step further for the Titan brand than anything else. They have been setting the tone for Philippine basketball ever since they came in the industry, and it seems like there are no signs of them slowing down.

The collaborative sneakers dons the J. Crossover 3 silhouette by LA-based basketball footwear brand, Brandblack. Aptly called "Mr. Mayhem" the design of the sneakers is inspired by a cult cable television show about an outlaw motorcycle club. In addition, it is also a nod to Titan's fascination of brotherhood that's born from a shared passion.

We'd do the description of the pair, but we think the Titan just did it the best way possible already.

"The shroud comes in a bold Blue Curacao, reminiscent of the blue green shade of the bike’s fenders and gas tank, and the scatter of chrome on the mesh upper alludes to its metallic chrome accents. The shoe is decorated with patent leather on the heel counter, collar trim, and most notably on the inside of the removable shroud, to mimic the classic Knucklehead’s plush leather seat. Custom TITAN graphics can be found in plain sight, from the lightning fist logo on the left tongue, a chopper-inspired crest on the sock liner, to the more obscure locations of our mascot under the shroud, and a reaper-inspired graphic on the translucent outsole."

The Titan x Brandblack J. Crossover 3 "Mr. Mayhem" is limited to just 366 pairs and will be exclusively sold in the Philippines through Titan's stores. Get your first dibs tomorrow at the Titan BGC where they will first release the pair by 6pm. And then other branches will follow on Saturday, August 27, 2016, including their online store at www.titan22.com.

Saint Ice Rocks Slays it with Müdswang Mix

Be it a slump day or a low night, there's always that one soundtrack - mental or otherwise - that gets you out of it. It can do so for a number of reasons - maybe it's the beat, the synth, the verse, the melody. Regardless, at the end of it, you're left pumped, hyped, ready to take on the world once more.

Saint Ice Rocks' Müdswang is an example of this. Mixed by Blvck Lauren, the 3-song playlist mixes up a high exuberance with a near-effortless chill, making it easy enough to repeat but loud enough to jolt you up. And if you like this, you could find more tunes by following their Facebook page or Soundcloud.

Make some noise for the FlipTop OG Black Snapback Cap from WIP Caps

Filipino apparel company WIP Caps was founded in 2008, at first supplying a few stockists and selling their goods at local bazaars and trade shows. Then a couple of years later, FlipTop Battle League began and instantly became famous. WIP Caps also saw their fan base grow thanks to hip hop artists like Loonie, Abra and Batas rocking their hats on the events and videos of FlipTop. It is only fitting that their partnership yields the fourth collaborative hat of the two said labels. Here is their first snapback, the FlipTop OB Black snapback cap. This polyester-wool headgear has a black dome and visor. The 3D front embroidery features a "FlipTop" marker handstyle in white. Available via the WIP Caps webstore and at the WIP HQ.

23 August 2016

Brklss' Terrible Children Collection channels your inner Wild Child

We've all probably had a naughty child stage. That short, chaotic period where we constantly went against our parents' wishes and did the things we knew we weren't supposed to do. It was probably out of a need to be seen more, but nevertheless it was exhilarating.

It's that kind of thrill that Brklss' Terrible Children collection gives, with its wild, outlandish graphics and somewhat-nostalgic imagery (mischievous imps and running with scissors, anyone?).  And yet, it manages to channel all this in a chill, classy way - never going full-trashy and letting the design speak for itself. Do check out more of their designs on their Facebook page if this strikes your fancy.

Curtismith and Suburb drops their collaboration track, Fire featuring Kali

It’s rare for three artists to come together and create a song without outshining one or the other, but the latest release from producer Suburb, rapper Curtismith, and R&B singer Kali proves it can be done. The result of their collaboration is Fire, a smooth song where each of the collaborators bring their unique flourish. Curtismith drops his verses with resolve and swagger, balancing off of Kali’s easy yet velvety crooning, both backed by Suburb’s impeccable beat strokes. Fire is a laidback track oozing with collected confidence, and hopefully not the last collaboration from this talented trio. Listen to the track below:

Photo from CNN Philippines 

22 August 2016

Titan Trial Runs featuring the adidas Crazy Explosive

The Titan Trial Runs is a community-based basketball event where Titan's friends from the media and some influential individuals converge to play the sport together. In addition, it is where new releases from renowned basketball brands are tried in the court prior to releasing it to the public. This time, Titan featured the recently released adidas Crazy Explosive. It comes in four colorways which are all available in all Titan shops already. See other photos from the event on Instagram via #TitanWeaponofChoice.

Photos by Marvin Conanan

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