29 September 2012

Secret Fresh: Piyukherts by Lynyrd Paras

Lynyrd Paras' Piyukherts will be launched on October 2, 2012 at Manilart 2012 with Secret Fresh. Lynyrd has been making and showing art since the early 2000s. He has been in a lot of group shows and some notable solo exhibitions. His style revolves around the details, it (the figure) explains itself through the over-exaggerated emotion-filled eyes, the slightly bent-inward knees, the perfectly shaped diamond, the accurate heart replica and even under the dress, the underwear looks meticulously made. The model will be very limited, only 35 pieces will be available for sale. Drop by the upcoming Manilart 2012 at the SMEX to get one for yourself. The convention will run from October 2 to 6.


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