02 October 2012

IPIS Skate Team Radio: Interview with Paul Diaz and Yvann Esteva of Timbre Headphones

The guys at IPIS skate crew presents another wonderful and inspiring interview with Timbre headphones founder, Paul Diaz and brand ambassador Yvann Esteva. Paul and Yvann touched on a couple of key points in this podcast such as what is Timbre, what it does and its target demographic, making it big whether in business, music, fashion or in whatever you do, affecting the mainstream and reinventing yourself. Paul also discussed his opinion on OPM and how it can dominate the world stage. For upcoming start up brands and companies, this podcast is worth listening to. A lot of good and useful insight from a humble, creative and passionate guy who has made it and still continuing to progress. Stream the interview below.

Source: IPIS Skate Team Radio

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