18 October 2012

Woozy x Phunky Juan Movement Shirt

Woozy has just released their newest collaboration with flip-hop pioneer Dash Calzado aka Mighty Joe Young; simultaneously released together with Dash Calzado's album release, "Return of the Phunky Juan". Dash Calzado has been in the local hip-hop scene for 2 decades - from his days with flip-hop duos and their singles like "Jabongga" and "Trapik, Air Tsinelas"; to producing and collaborating with the best in the country to come up with unparalleled beats; and to being a pioneer of the local hip hop scene. Through everything else, it is just fitting for Woozy to come out with this collaboration with someone whose legacy will live on - through his hits, tracks and beats.

Check their Facebook page for details about the shirt and how to get your hands on this Woozy x Phunky Juan Movement Shirt. 


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