28 November 2012

BAKECON Holiday Release

It all started a few months ago, with BAKECON releasing three pocket tees to start their brand up and it was quite imminent that they would follow up the success of their first release. They were definitely something to watch out for and they without doubt didn't let down, especially with their Holiday Release which was introduced during Platform 2. The Holiday Release features more than just four new pocket tees - "Aztec", "Day of the Dead", "Paisley", and "Golden" - but also 2 new shirts, including a button-down. A big jump from their first release, as BAKECON further expands the brand with more than just the pocket tees. We all still have to keep an eye out on BAKECON, seems like they have a lot in store as they venture further out and as they try out new things for the brand. Check them out on their Facebook for more details on the Holiday Release; and how to get these shirts - make it quick though, these run on limited stock. Photos of the collection come after the break. Go!


Pocket Tees are the funniest ideas....who ever thought of it and considered it as designs are definitely pathetic and simply lacks imagination. How lame can this get "I'm wearing a pocket tee by Bakecon". Translation (I have a mass produced T- Shirt with patch of a random fabric from Kamuning sewn as pocket".

tol ginawa na ng lahat yan pocket tees nayan. Etong Bakecon na ito nagpipilit pa makisali puro copya lang naman sa Groupe De Ville, Ambitious Clothing Co., Threedown, Newspaper Boy Clothing, Elevate Apparel, Progress, UNSCHLD at Creative Elite Operation

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