14 November 2012

Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: Bay Area (Part3/3)

This is one of those posts where it is not generally from the Philippines but tackled one or more ideas that connects our culture to it. The show is hosted by Eddie Huang, the founder and owner of the famed Baohaus from New York City. What makes him really good with food is his passion and dedication in understanding each dish. And also his very straightforward-no-holds-barred character, which makes him perfect for the show. In this episode, Eddie Huang goes to San Francisco city's Little Manila. He gets a haircut in a Filipino-run barbershop and talked with them about Filipino food. On why it doesn't get that much attention and how underrated it is. Also in this episode is his opinion on three different burritos. Watch it all on HD, you will enjoy it a lot more. You can watch the first two parts (part 1 & part 2) of this episode after watching this.


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