23 November 2012

Platform Round 2

This Sunday marks Round 2 of Platform, the only convention-bazaar that is genuinely fitting and constantly promoting the local style, culture and music. It starts by 12NN until around 8PM at Ronac Art Center. If you are looking for a complete representation of the young independent community here in our country, this is the place to see them. Expect to see these brands - Chief, Elevate Apparel, Flying
Dutchman, Newspaper Boy Clothing, THE Clothing, Progress, WIP Caps, UNSCHLD and more - getting together and sharing a space to create an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration. Also, while there, enjoy music sets by Migs Fuckin' A, Mike Lavarez, DJ Aryan, Liquid A, Motherbass & Nix Damn P and DJ Euric. This is definitely a great Sunday for the community.

Peep what brands from the previous Platform had to say, it's a 5-part series of pure inspiration from various brand owners and creative people.


good info. however...based from 90% of the interviews, the youth is just all about printed t-shirts...nothing fashion forward at all. Its all a bunch of kids who found a t shirt supplier, a graphic artist, a silk screen printer and now a "platform" to sell their shirts.

Iba nung panahon ng Cecile Zamora of Defect, Adam Delumen of Havoc at ang Warp boys...yun talaga ang fashion na streetwear. Sana bumalik sila para hindi puro T-shirt na may print ang streetwear sa Pilipinas.

Ang dami nila puro T Shirt lang naman pala ginagawa. Mukhang pare pareho lang lahat yung mga t shirt na designs sa Platform Event

If these T Shirt makers are all what the youth has to offer in fashion, then the Philippines is doomed.

It is 2013! "I can silk screen print a t-shirt=I'm a designer", I have a digital camera and instagram=I'm a photographer, and "Someone took a photo of me=I'm a model". Young Fashion is has died in the Philippines.

Sadly all the youth can do now in the Philippines is silk screen a t-shirt and it ends there. That is how far backwards Philippine fashion went after the likes of Cecile Zamora and Adam Delumen pushed Philippine fashion forward for the youth and suddenly stopping their design practice.

If you take time to read all through all the blogs and posts in this site, all you will see are just T Shirt Lines. Kids that has a supplier for cotton round neck T-Shirts and Silk Screen Printer. That is it. Nothing more. If you want Fashion, this is not the blog for you but I don't think there is no youth fashion. Philippine Youth Fashion now has reduced to kids silk screen printing T-Shirts.

Well at least lets try to think that Philippine Youth is just all about Graphic Design and not Fashion. Its' like graffiti artists that has no walls to use so T-Shirts has become their outlet. lol

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