29 November 2012

Purveyr Seven with Rjay Ty

One of the faces of the hiphop group LDP is Rjay Ty, he started humbly from his dreams of becoming a prominent hiphop artist with his two friends in the group. Now he has firmly set foot on the grounds of the hiphop realm, and proved that he can also succeed on his own. Not forgetting family though, he still performs with LDP in a lot of occasions, however, his main focus now is his music and to push further the scene. Besides being an artist he also co-founded Wordplay, which has become the main platform for aspiring acts and lovers of the art to come out and share what they have to say. Truly Rjay is a big part of the community, an independent thinker and doer. Hear what he has to say, see the interview after the break.

What do you do?

I am an independent hiphop artist in the Philippines, Founder of LDP aka. Lyrically Deranged Poets, Store Manager / Team Member of UNSCHLD, Recording Artist, Song Writer, Co-founder of Wordplay and there's a lot more where that came from. You don't wanna get me started. Hahaha!

When and how did you start?

I started writing songs back in the 5th grade. Founded LDP in 2006, Started working for Unschooled and co-founded Wordplay in 2011.

Writing songs just came naturally as something that I enjoyed doing. Been trying to perform by myself since 1st year high school and I thought that it would be a lot easier and cooler if I can form a group that I can call my own. I just love dressing up and UNSCHLD / Commune was one of the first stores that I started supporting when my awareness for the scene was starting to grow. Met the owners, became friends and everything picked up from there.

What inspires you?

A lot of things inspire me. People, experiences, movements, situations, etc. I guess I cannot pinpoint what specifically inspires me but I can tell you for sure that you can find inspiration in everything. It just depends on how you look at things and how you'd pick up some energy from it. Make use of your surroundings and share the energy with everyone else!

Top three people that influence you?

My grandfather (Kongkong), Kanye West and Loonie & Ron Henley from the The Stick Figgas

Top three things that you don't have yet, but want to get?

My own house, own car and own studio.

Where do you spend most of your day?

When I do not have to be in the studio or at shows during the daytime then you can definitely find me at UNSCHLD (Ronac Art Center) taking care of the store. That's MON-SAT. I only take one day off every week and that's on Sundays to catch up and play ball with Team Sunday. I only go home to sleep haha. Time's gold.

What's your main dream and aspiration?

To be able to help in pushing Filipino Music globally and help as many people that I can along the way.

Photos by Marvin Conanan

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