21 November 2012

STNDRDS: November Pattern Pack

Changing their game, Stndrds has taken a step forward with their latest release, the November Pattern Pack. The pack features three new button-downs from the brand that brought you all the original pocket tees. The three button-downs come in three styles - the basic polkadot, the floral and the denim. Stndrds made sure they would cover every single area of your taste; whether it is kicking back with the plain denim button-down; to the polkadot that puts a spin to your ordinary go-to-outfit; or to daring yourself with the floral button-down. The pack definitely surprised people but with the reputation Stndrds has and with the quality they're known for, these shirts are a definite purchase. These run on one piece per size per design, so you better make a run for this. A free keyholder comes in with the first three to place orders. Check Stndrds out for orders and details on the pack. Photos of the rest of the pack and the keyholders come after the space.


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