21 November 2012

Titan x UNSCHLD Return To Deer Valley Collection

Titan and UNSCHLD bring back the basketball-inspired and driven Deer Valley Titans Collection - this time they're returning with more than what we have all asked for. Heavily inspired by the Golden Era of the 90s basketball lifestyle - the crewnecks, button downs with various colors and patterns, the nylon, neon-colored snapbacks matched with the 90s powerhouse team-inspired jerseys. This collection is worth waiting for and without a doubt something to look forward to as the Deer Valley Collection is set to launch at Titan 2 Parkade Opening Day at 6pm, Thursday, November 22, 2012 at Fort Bonifacio Global City. The collection will be exclusively available at Titan 2 Parkade at Fort Bonifacio Global City. The much awaited return - you would not want to call rain check on this one. Photos of the collection come after the space.


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