06 December 2012

Elevate Apparel Lookbook Video

If their Lookbook photos weren't enough, then this would definitely brighten up your day. Elevate Apparel comes out with their Lookbook Video featuring their 5 Panel Caps and a couple of their Camo shirts, that was shot all the way from Dubai. Enjoy the ingratiating video up on top. More from Elevate Apparel here


lol...WTF? This clothing line claims to be "unique and up-to-date" (visit their website). Please lang! Come on! You seriously think the T shirts you make are up to date? This is the internet age....can you surf the net please so you can realize there completely nothing unique and up to date with the clothes you make in "small quantities" (small quantities mean that no one really buys it and we don't have the capital to produce to in larger volumes in the apparel business)

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