12 December 2012

Frank Magalona - Hari

As son of the late King of Philippine Rap, Francis Magalona, very few know the musical capabilities of  Frank Magalona.. or so, not just yet. Until recently, when he represented his father in the live performance of "Bagsakan" in Parokya Ni Edgar's "Inuman Sessions Vol. 2". It surprised a lot, because usually it is his younger brother who performs their father's songs, and nobody really knew that he can spill and rap smoothly, almost as good as the Master Rapper. However, Frank did not stop as just the son of Francis M., he is set to prove that he's as talented. Never forgetting where he got every skill and every talent he has though, he produced "Hari" as a celebration and a reminder that his dad, Francis Magalona, will never be forgotten. He is the King of Rap, and that's how he will be remembered. However, it's time for new blood, and he's the new FM who will continue the legacy. Sampled from Gloc 9's "Alalay Ng Hari", enjoy Frank Magalona's modern ensemble to the music his dad revolutionized.

Source: Vandals On The Wall

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