10 December 2012

Gnarly Crewneck, Shoulder Bag and Handy Portage

Gnarly has got all the essentials for this Christmas season - from keeping you warm, to keeping all your Christmas goodies and to storing all your Christmas money safe and stylish. Gnarly keeps you all cozy with their Gnarly! Academy Crewneck, comes in black and is perfect for any occasion, event or weather; packed with great quality and comfort, will definitely keep you on top of your style game. Gnarly has also come out with some daily essentials - the Gnarly! Shoulder Bag and the Gnarly! Handy Portage - both made with excellent detail and quality, provides you with strong strength, practicality and durability; and let's not forget, it does add a bit of style. Check out all of Gnarly's products out online. Photos of the Shoulder Bag and Handy Portage come after the jump. Go!


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