15 December 2012

ThreeDown: Christmas BBQ

ThreeDown sets up a simple but fruitful event this December 18 as they host a Christmas BBQ party. The fam will serve some grub and liquor as you enjoy performances from GnarRate, Indio and Jeff Bago. And the night will be kept alive by music from PNCH's Mac and Dj Time. As if those aren't enough, graffiti behemoths Graver and Nuno of KST will throw in some live art to make your pupils dilate. Now, we've got a couple of suggestions for this night. First, ready your wallet for ThreeDown's December Delivery 2. Second, and don't forget this one, bring some used or old clothes for the victims of bagyong Pablo. Venue is at 5359 Diesel St., Palanan, Makati. Tag your friends along and live the culture on this night while helping those in need.


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