08 December 2012

Titan: KD V 'DMV' and 'Away'

A day after releasing a bunch of new colorways, Titan has just announced the release of the new KD V's on December 8 - both the 'DMV' (shown above) and 'Away' colorways. Titan never fails to step their game up and always has something ready for everyone. Pass by Titan branches at Parkade 2, Burgos Circle, Taft, Katipunan and Ronac for the brand new KD Vs. Check out an in-detail description on the Quickstrike release, 'DMV' KD Vs after the break, as well as photo of the KD V 'Away' after the break.

The 'DMV' colorway pays tribute to the greater Washington DC/Maryland/Viginia, where Kevin Durant grew up, featuring the deep journey of the OKC star - bright crimson is dominantly showcased, yet again paying tribute to the popular condiment around the area, the 'mambo sauce'. The 'DMV' gets extra juiced up with accents of the ever-so-eye-catching volt and wolf grey; even the air bubble at the back has a little bit of the slick speckle game going on.

KD V 'Away'


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