24 December 2012

UNSCHLD Holiday '12 Lookbook

Much of the appeal UNSCHLD is rooted down from their rugged and straight-on aesthetic. The Holiday '12 Lookbook proposes a whole new style and direction - taking it closer to the edge. We definitely see how Marauders fit in their Lookbook - it isn't your typical photoshoot, they took it out on the streets, giving it an authentic bandit feel. UNSCHLD still does a good job keeping the Lookbook highly engaging and rather fitting. Check the photos out after the jump.


Seriously...what is so special? Same clothes are available in malls nationwide.

Bakit ka hater? Kung eto ang gusto namin na look?

I simply don't see the novelty of this clothing brand if they available to changges and department stores. Seriously!

may point si Anonymous 1, kasi wala namang special sa UNSCHLD talaga, punta ka ng kamuning bilin mo yung tela na ginagamit nila P140 per yard ipatahi mo sa mananahi eh di may UNSCHLD ka na rin

lahat namin kasi ngayon pwede na maging designer basta may mananahi ka at bibili ka ng tela sa Kamuning tapos may barkada ka na mauuto bumili eh di designer ka na. kaya nga UNSCHLD and tawag eh. in tagalog "walang pinagaralan".

tutuo ka dyan. jologs fashion nga yan eh. Kaya nga jejemon eh

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