22 December 2012

UNSCHLD Marauders Holiday '12

With both the holiday season and #10DAZEOFX fully upon us, UNSCHLD continues to do what they do best - they're out with yet another (massive) collection, made up of a bunch of trendsetting threads that will definitely drive you nuts. UNSCHLD has produced a range of items, from tees, to varsity jackets, to pullovers, to denim jackets, to your dependable button-down oxfords and even the button-down short sleeves. The collection are completed with high quality materials and attended to with the most intricate detail without losing its functionality. UNSCHLD ends the year with a bit of a daring collection, rather ideal for people who dig a different kind of aesthetic. Roll thru the release party of the collection on December 22, 2012, Friday at The Deck in Ronac. Check UNSCHLD for the availability of the threads. Photos of the massive collection come after the jump.


lol. ano ba yan! Yung supplier ng mga baseball jackets na yan at mga denim jackets na yan nagkalat sa tabi ng CRAME sa may EDSA. porke na nilagyan nila ng print "daring" collection na ba yan? Wala naman intricate sa details ng mga damit na yan na nabibili sa tabi ng Camp CRAME na nilagyan nila ng print at label ng UNSCHLD.

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