22 January 2013

BAKECON Spring/Pre-Summer Collection '13

For Spring/Pre-Summer Collection '13, BAKECON seemed to focus more on establishing their ground within the local scene, by slowly moving on to classics infused with new flavor and current trends. BAKECON makes sure the collection is perfect for either a sporty, relaxed or dignified look. The collection features a right mix of classicism, refined tailoring and an introduction to unique styles. The collection holds a good range of button-downs and neatly done tees to get you by day-by-day. They also introduce a new style of pocket tee, changing the trend and making it their own. Each thread in the collection has its own style, touching different tastes and preferences - proving yet another strong collection from BAKECON. Check BAKECON out to get hold on the threads part of the collection. Photos come after the break.


What is interesting or special about Bakecon clothing? I have seen far to many similar copies of these clothes in various department stores in Metro Manila for several years.

Bakecon is just another clothing line poorly imitating DC Clothing. Quality wise of sewing, obviously is very poor. Come on! Can we get anything better than just department store reproduction clothing lines.

Si Malaya Pasyon daw designer ng Bakecon Sqauterwear este Streetwear pala lol....teka teak anong "design-er" diba puro copies lang ito ng DC?

oo true ka dyan pag may halo ng Malaya Pasyon Sqauterwear talaga lol

ika nga ni Ms. Cecil ng Chuvaness...."basta gawa ni Malaya "Ronald" Pasyon pinaghalong kabaduyan, kacheapan at drugs"

lol...ano ang drugs pag si Malaya Pasyon? eh di Rugby dahil jejemon sya!

Yun ba yung WARP designer ng jologswear dati? diba jologs tawag sa kanya dati pero ngayon jejemon na? Bakit Malaya pangalan nya? Diba Ronald Pasyon pangalan nya?

hahahah. Syempre nung Ronald sya Jologs sya nuon, ngayon 2013 na Malaya sya dahil Jejemon na ang tawag sa tribo nya

Nakakatawa naman dito! Libre ba sa bawat T-shirt ng bibilin sa Bakecon ang Rugby? drug of choice yun ng mga jejemon na sqauterwear

Diba ang Warp di naman fashion dati? Sabi ng utol ko grupo lang yon na nagbebenta ng drugs

Bakecon with Rugby by Malaya Pasyon. baka bagong version ng Warp dahil jejemon na mga panahon ngayon

sya ba yung matanda na naka tambay palagi sa B-Side? yung photographer o director daw sya ng films?

oo yun. yung naka dreds. sya si Malaya. oo photogrpaher yun, lahat naman ng may digicam photog eh. director din yun ng mga movies na sya lang ang nanonood lol

Oo sya yung sa WARP na nakwento ni Ms. Chuvaness.com na kabaduyan and kacheapan and may amoy daw palagi. lol

Tama si Chuvaness puro kacheapan nga at kabaduyan si Bakecon. puro cheap and pang jejemon ang dating.Ano ba yan as in Bakecon like bacon or Ba-ke-con? lol for sure ginagaya lang nya mga ibang clothing line at gusto maging Nick Automatic

Mas maraming maayos at maganda pa sa SM department store kesa dyan. Kita ko na lahat yan 4 months ago. kinopya lang nga BakeCon yan sa Robinsons Department Store sa Ermita.

Ayos! Kamuning na Kamuning lahat at collection

walang tatalo sa Nick Automatic

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