14 January 2013

NICK AUTOMATIC x Product of Uranus: A Shitty Collaboration

Two of the biggest art-design apparel brands in the country, go hand-in-hand to start the year on the right foot. Apparel mainstays, NICK AUTOMATIC and Product of Uranus have come together with a four-shirt collection - A Shitty Collection. The collection is comprised of uniquely designed tees, perfectly matched with the right color combos. The shirts are fittingly presented with Product of Uranus' famous plumbing theme and logo, infused with NICK AUTOMATIC's impressive eye for detail and graphics. The collection comes out to be as a reflection too, that NICK AUTOMATIC and Product of Uranus have been in the business for a long time, and they just have that suitable and effective way of coming together and producing shirts that would clear the shelves yet again. Check NICK AUTOMATIC or Product of Uranus for more details on the collection. 


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