17 January 2013

Purveyr Announcement: We Are Recruiting

As part of our mission to cover all facets of the culture and the lifestyle, we are trying our best to bring you all the news from different parts of the country that we believe are part of the whole concept. And to do that, we need help in terms of regional presence. So we decided we should recruit someone who is in another place to be our official correspondent and contributor for a certain area of responsibility. To start this program off, we are looking for someone who is passionate for the culture, knowledgable of the lifestyle, immersed in the scene, knows how to write and a Cebu native. If you think you are fit for the job, send us an email with your name and a short description of yourself to purveyr@ymail.com. We only need one as of the moment, so make sure your description is really interesting.  


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