26 February 2013

Purveyr Seven with Nix Damn P!

In this era, there has been a mild transition from rockstars to DJs. Not that DJs are bigger than rockstars, because they are completely different in a lot of ways, but in a way that the emergence and growth of their occupation has taken new heights. And it is no different locally, club DJs are now highly esteemed  club and party celebrities, and mainstays. One hot name out there is, Nix Damn P! Night after night, he blows up every party he is in. What's more astonishing is, he is as energetic and explosive with different genres of music and with completely different audiences. He makes pop music seem cool enough to be a new hit.. again. Then plays less mainstream genres that makes everyone accept it instantly, and probably become immediate fans. It's his love for music and dedication to it that separates him from the pack. The heavy research that comes before every performance initially provides the great set, plus with his dynamic persona - then you have the complete Nix Damn P! experience. See why he has come a long way as a DJ in such a short time and know more about him as he shares his life and thoughts with us for this Purveyr Seven feature.

What do you do?

I'm a GOOD music lover, who shares music and plays music to people who appreciate music.

When and how did you start?

I started when I was in college, around 2002-2003. I had a friend in college who had a pair of CDJ's, so I asked him what was it and where is it used. He told me it was for DJ-ing, then I asked him if I could borrow it and play around with it. So from there I researched on how to use it and how to DJ. After a while, I learned to play my first genre, which was hard house and trance, with artists like Chemical Brothers, Chicane and Armin. Then after some time, I went to the States after college where my brother is living. In that period, I got to focus more on the craft because compared to the Philippines there were more DJs there. Also, while I was there my cousins introduced me to real Hip-hop music, which really was my music when I was in high school but it was hard for me to mix hip-hop tunes. Then when I came back here in the Philippines, I tried looking at those DJs who were there in "the scene" , like Red-i, Aryan, Mars Miranda, Arbiewon, Supreme Fist and local producers. Which then became my friends/influencers and mentors. I guess luck plays a big role in all of this. So get out there and open your ears.

What inspires you?

Everything, even though it sounds so cliche, that's how I get inspired. What's good about being inspired by everything around me is that I can translate it to music. The perfect example is when I learned about a hip-hop group that plays blues music through an Elvis art piece, which led me to researching about blues. It can be anything at all; art, fashion, everyday things, and a lot more.

Top three people that influence you?

First is my mom, business-wise. She taught me a lot about selling, talking to people and marketing. Then Pharell, he influenced me through music, art and fashion. And lastly, DJ Jazzy Jeff who influenced me as a DJ. For me he's the DJs' favorite DJ.

Top three things you don't have yet, but want to get?

My own studio, record label and a private jet. Can I not dream? lol

Where do you spend most of your day?

At home and in the studio (Which we call camp big falcon aka ULTRAGON - Yentownkid & Co.'s). However, I stay the most at the studio where I work on my music. It's where I research and practice, which takes the most time in my day. Being a DJ is challenging "minsan hindi mo na nakikita pamilya mo at mga kaibigan mo, hindi ka nakakapunta sa mga special occasions kasi may gig ka. Akala nila ganon lang pero dala namin kahit saan kami magpunta ang trabaho namin. Dagdag mo pa ang rehearsals, recording at mga meetings. Basta wag ka lang titigil!" Don't sweat the technique.

What's your main dream and aspiration?

I love music, I love music.. I love music. The main goal is to push Philippine music to another level. As much as I like being a DJ, I think it's just my entry level of what I can do with music. I dream of having an art school and a production house, which still relates to wanting to push music, FILIPINO music specifically. 

Nix' last words, "TRUST YOUR DJ."

Photos by Marvin Conanan


Hi Nix. I like your work. Keep in contact by my Facebook page Pop Asia. I will be promoting original music from the Philippines. Andy

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