11 February 2013

Purveyr x STNDRDS Culture Providers Tee Lookbook

To mark the celebration of our upcoming new website layout, we partnered with STNDRDS to create a t-shirt. This will be sold in limited quantity and will only be available at UNSCHLD's flagship store. The tee will be available this Friday, February 15, 2013. The photos are produced by Marvin Conanan and Oleg De Leon with models, Nicole Deveras and Mariel Tung. See you all on Friday! Other photos after the break.


hahahah sabi na nga patawa ang look book nila eh

pilitin magmodel kasi gustong shotain

nak ng pucha eto na nagsimula na mga haters!

oo nga e, sino ba yang mga yan? get a life people.

naknangputa nandito nanaman ang mga tropa

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