20 February 2013

Secret Fresh Exclusive: Grosby Mythical 5

The Australian sportwear brand, Grosby, hits the shelves of Secret Fresh this coming February 23. Reached its peak of popularity during the PBA in the 1980s. Grosby tapped on Philippine land in early 2012 and is now making some noise with their upcoming release - the Grosby Mythical 5. It comes in 4 colorways, all with the dominant color of white; you have black, red, green and blue. With only fifty pairs per color, these simple yet all-around sneakers are definitely a catch. The sneakers is highlighted with a hold emblem just above the heel area which features the Secret Fresh logo and has 'Limited Edition' written on it. Make sure you're on your way to Secret Fresh at the Ronac Art Center to get first dibs on these fresh sneakers.


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