27 February 2013

THE x Sassa Jimenez x The Twelfth House Recap

On a Sunday afternoon, it is normally spent at home for a relaxed lazy one or with family for some bonding, but last February 17, 2013, it was not the case. As like-minded independent and creative individuals came to Big Bad Wolf to support the release of two collaborations. The THE x Sassa Jimenez and THE x The Twelfth House capsule collections. It was a chill afternoon with music provided by Migs Fuckin' A, SuperMikki and Nix Damn P!, plus a beat performance by Deeper Manila's Justin De Guzman. And to cap it all off, the afternoon to night affair was headlined by Hip Hop Bingo hosted by Adoborat and Sassa Jimenez.


Hoy Sassa itigil mo na yan puro pangongopya ka lang naman at pagtalikod mo sarili mong barkada pinagkakalat mga pinag gagawa mo! pweh!

I cant stand her designs, its too pretentious and now she trying to be street. Give it a rest! She has gone desperate to even try to be street which ended up a complete failure of style proportions.

can you blame the girl for trying?

Sassa = Sassapukin ka sa face

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