16 February 2013

THE x Sassa Jimenez

Changing the game a bit, THE Clothing collaborates with designer Sassa Jimenez to create a collection for all the women out there. The collaboration is composed of a crop tee and dolman shirt. The threads feature a nice blend of both THE's streetwear ensembles and Sassa Jimenez's style. Moving away from the usual tees, this collaboration plus having Sarah Meier-Albano with her daughter Kaya for the lookbook, will without a doubt set them apart from all the other brands - a risky and bold move. The collection will be available at the event this Sunday at Big Bad Wolf, together with The Twelfth House's windshield collection. Roll thru THE Clothing for more details.


wow! Buti pa ito may model na tutuo. di masakit sa mata!

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