22 February 2013

UNSCHLD February Drop

UNSCHLD is set to stock up once again with yet another collection. The February collection which is set to launch online on February 23, features three button-downs with various patterns and prints. The three button-downs are comprised of - tattersall or in other words plaid; kalo print, which comes in floral prints; and leopard corduroy print. A different side of UNSCHLD is shown with this collection, having threads completely away from the trend of repeated pattern prints, rather keeping with classic with the tattersall; a bit edgy with the kalo print; and without a doubt unique with the leopard corduroy print. Be online on the 23rd of February, first ten orders get free UNSCHLD bumper stickers. Check their online store out.


The latest look in fashion: "The Down Syndrome Look"

hahahaha oo nga noh. mukhang retarded sarap sipain nung mukha

ang sama nyo pare! porke na ba ngongi dapat ng sipain sa mukha? oh sige na nga natatawa ako sa sarili kong comment, sarap ngang tadyakan sa mukha nitong ngongi na ito

kanya kanyang trip yan. buti pa siya nandyan e kayo asan?

who let the dogs out? who? who? who?

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