17 March 2013

Flying Dutchman Brighter Than The Sun Summer 2013 Collection

Who wouldn't expect this from Flying Dutchman? And who doesn't love Flying Dutchman? They're back for yet another massive collection for this summer following another successful release a couple of months back. This collection will definitely bring out the sunshine this summer with timeless pieces - fitly named Brighter Than The Sun. The collection is comprised of numerous tank tops that will get you braving the summer heat with various prints and patterns; four pairs of pants that subtly go well with anything; a new line of low-cut shoes; and brand new colors and patterns for your every rucksack. The collection does live up to the hype, as Flying Dutchman provides functional, high-quality, and in-season pieces that will surely get you going this summer. The collection is now available over at their store at The Collective in Makati, so go and check it out!


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