09 March 2013

Purveyr TV: Pilot Episode with Abra and Nicolo Nimor

This coming Tuesday we are about to push our cause further as we will run the pilot episode of our upcoming show, Purveyr TV. Purveyr TV will be the counterpart of the website in the podcast entertainment world. It will be a talkshow featuring various personalities under the culture that we represent. The pilot episode will feature Nicolo Nimor, the owner and founder of the clothing brand heavyweight Nick Automatic and the hip-hop powerhouse Abra. Don't miss the episode as we will get to know both of them better, plus a special performance by Abra before the show ends. Purveyr TV will be a weekly thing every Tuesday from 6:30-8:00PM, so keep that in mind. Hosted by two independent passionate people, namely Joyce Pring and Rjay Ty, the show reveals a promise of a great time. The show will run under NMF Network, the same network who runs DJ Mo Twister's Good Times With Mo Podcast and a couple more other shows. Tune in live as we bring you the Purveyr experience, in a more interactive and relatable way. 


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