19 March 2013

PurveyrTV Episode 1: Egg Fiasco and DJ Buddah

We received great feedback for our pilot episode last Tuesday, and we are very happy how you guys supported the show. So now, we're officially a weekly show bringing you news, conversations and performances live that are all under the Purveyr culture. Mainstay hosts Joyce Pring and Rjay Ty will be back this Thursday from 5:30PM to 7:00PM (the show's final schedule), now being more prepared but still as candid and playful as they were in our pilot episode. For our next episode this Thursday, we will be having graffiti artist EGG FIASCO and DJ Buddah. Watch them talk about their life and work live at live.nmfnetwork.tv, plus live art and DJ set respectively. Do not forget, #PurveyrTV is a weekly show every Thursday from 5:30PM to 7:00PM. Also, if you want us to ask a specific question, tweet it to us at @Purveyr with hashtag #PurveyrTV.

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