13 March 2013

PurveyrTV Pilot Episode: Abra & Nick Automatic

And it's out! PurveyrTV just had a successful live pilot episode last night with Nicolo Nimor of Nick Automatic and Abra. We admit, it can be a lot better, but for a test episode it was quite a show. Watch the whole show above if you missed it, or download it on iTunes soon. Get to know more about the founder and owner of the famous graphic t-shirt brand Nick Automatic, from his favorite music to his future plans. Then hang out with Abra, Josef Amarra, Apekz, Rjay and Joyce as they converse about music, life and everything in between. And don't forget to finish the show, as an impromptu cypher is done by Rjay, Apekz and Abra live while Josef Amarra beatboxing. Let us know what you think, and if you have suggestions, don't hesitate to bring it up. Expect more fun episodes from us featuring local talents under art, design, style, music and different lifestyles. 

Also don't forget to always include our hashtag in mentioning the show on twitter, #PurveyrTV. And follow the PurveyrTV team on twitter @Purveyr, @JoycePring, @DerangedPoet and @MarvinConanan. Thank you to NMF Network for hosting the show and helping us make this possible, and also to Pope_Fiction for the intro track. Lastly, like our Facebook page for show updates and more!


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