19 March 2013

THE Clothing Summer 2013

THE Clothing joins the fun this summer with their own Summer 2013 Collection - Enter Summer 2013. THE's Summer 2013 Collection references the classic and staple kind-of-brand they are; with consistent pieces time and time again, it just never gets old from the people at THE - whatever they put out is just a sure hit. With streetwear being a trend-dependent genre, THE maintains its identity and character, sticking to their principles that define them as a brand - that has made them grow to what they are now. The new lineup features several tops of all the women out there; a long-sleeved top together with a shirt and a tank top for the men. Nothing fancy can be seen in THE collection, they've stuck to their simple designs that never fail to catch everybody's attention. All of the pieces feature masterly done logos in various renditions and styles. Just another knock-out type of collection from THE. The collection is set to be launched in their store at Cubao Expo on March 22 - Facebook Event Page - make sure you guys get first dibs on these.


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