14 March 2013

The Coalition Recap

Last February 22, B-Side played host to an amazing night of ripped boards and mics. Boom Bap Friday, Calle and Caution held The Coalition: A Skate And Hip-Hop Celebration amidst persistent rain showers. Good thing skateboarders and hip-hop heads exerted their effort and supported the event. And they were rewarded with Game of SKATE and Rail Best Trick contests that showcased how talented our local riders are nowadays. Then Syke, Aklas, BLKD, KJah, plus Gap and Nimbus9 of Duende delivered fiery performances to make sure hip-hop is in the building. SPNZ, Pope, Supremefist and Don P also rocked the house with their dj sets. Let the rest of the photos tell you how crazy the night went.

Photos courtesy of Matthew Maloles and Alaged.


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