02 March 2013

Ursus et Cervus MNL Pre Summer/Spring 2013

It is always nice to see start-up brands and how they bring such a fresh feel and something new to the table. Ursus et Cervus MNL is one of those brands that you just know they have what it takes to be big. Establishing their logo as a bear with deer antlers - it isn't your ordinary icon. They released their first collection back in February, and titled it as their "Pre-Summer/Spring 2013" so expect to see more from them soon. The collection features two pocket tees - one in heather black contrasted by a black pocket; and heather gray matched with a beige pocket - and embroidered at the top left corner of the pocket is the Ursus et Cervus logo. The pocket tee is given a dignified look to it, totally redefining the ever-so trend-setting pocket tee. The tees seem they're nicely done and follows their tag line - "Simplicity With Attention To Detail". Check them out at Facebook for the shirts and other news on the newest brand in town. 


clean but guys another pocket tee? duh

eto nanaman bagong brand yoohoo! isa nanaman na grupo na bumibili ng ready made na t-shirts tapos tatahian ng pocket, logo, label, at tag pagkatapos clothing brand na!!!

Every business has to start somewhere. More power to this brand!

clothing brands (YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE) in the scene started with the pocket tee years ago and guess what they're still stuck on pocket tees and here's another pocket tee brand! welcome to pocket tee clothing brand scene of the Philippines hahahaha

I'm sure the next lined up for this "new" clothing brand are camo stuff, and of course the button down shirts, and collaborations with other clothing brands to make more pocket tees and graphic printed tees.

pwede bili nalang kami sa inyo ng plain t- shirts galing sa supplier nyo kahit patungan nyo nalang tapos lagyan ko ng label, bulsa at logo para may clothing brand na rin kami ng barkada ko? sige na? tapos gawa din kami ng facebook page dahil eto lang naman ang kailangan para maging clothing brand dito sa pinas eh. dami rin kaming ibang barkada sa ateneo na bibili sa amin :-))

kami na bahala sa graphic designer at silk screen. ala kasi kami supplier ng t-shirt gaya nyo lahat eh

No one's stopping you from making your own brand.

anong meaning ng Ursus et Cervus?

Can't be all minimalism and attention to details. There's gotta be some spice in the design.

I see Abercrombie with the logo.

Rarity does not make you relevant. Be relevant first then create rarity.

@ Anonymous says:
March 2, 2013 at 11:45 PM

You can buy those same quality of T-Shirts here in this address at P39 to P60. No minimum volume required. The address is #6 N. Domingo Street, San Juan Metro Manila

hahahaha basyo agad na tag 60 pesos lang ang mga t shirt! lakas ng racket ng mga clothing lines na ito ha! kaya pala ang dami nila

Another pocket tee and t-shirt clothing brand. It is so saturated already! Can we please see something different.

mga told mag Old Boy Clothing kayo kasi eto masmaganda at hindi pocket tee. wala kayo maasahan dito sa Ursus et Cervus na yan

haynako eto nanaman yung tropa ni Malaya at ng Bakecon pinipilit ang mga tao na magsuot ng mababaho nilang damit. hindi lahat ng tao dito jolegs para magsuot ng Old Boy Clothing at Bakecon!

KAY Anonymous :March 2, 2013 at 9:42 PM


nak ng pucha ano naman ito? isa pang clothing line ng pocket tees. tanginang yan o talagang mga clothing line dito walang talent at dinadaan sa barkada para makabenta

haters much. go try starting your own brand

bumili ako nito. maganda yung shirts. hindi siya 60 pesos galing san juan

ulol pano mo binili yung sarili mong paninda? sino niloko mo! tanginang to feeling na brand masyado porke na may t shirt supplier na kinabitan ng label nya at tinahian ng logo at pocket. huy 5 taon ng sukang suka tao sa pocket tees.


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