23 March 2013

Wanderland 2013 - The Temper Trap, Neon Trees and Nada Surf

Since the blow up of music festivals in other countries, there has been this undeniable thirst of having a good one here locally. A couple of events has tried it, but not one has really stirred enough publicity as this coming event called 'Wanderland' 2013. It isn't really surprising to see international acts going in the Philippines and doing some concerts here and there, but what is surprising is for these production/promotion companies to actually risk on getting less popular artists in the mainstream consciousness, but very big on deep music enthusiasts and probably the minority. 'Wanderland' 2013 will be having The Temper Trap, Neon Trees and Nada Surf as their main acts with other artists such as Avalanche City, Colour Coding and Tully On Tully. But then, what's great about this coming Music and Arts Festival, they haven't forgot about our own, as they invited several local musicians to perform. Up Dharma Down, Yolanda Moon, Pulso, Taken By Cars and She's Only Sixteen will represent the local music scene in this upcoming share-heavy and 'trending' festival. See more details here.


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