16 March 2013

YAWYW Behind the Brand: Newspaper Boy Clothing

Our favorite, Newspaper Boy Clothing is known for their classic thread and pieces, totally redefining what is local. Being able to keep up with the trend without superseding tradition, the basics and the classics - we all wonder how do they do it, how do they keep up and what drives them every single day in trying to improve their brand as they move forward. You Are What You Wear was lucky enough to be able to ask the man behind everything, Pax Naguiat, on how this unfolded, how things have become and everything else. Check the full interview HERE. A few quotes that can be of interest.

"Newspaper Boy for us, is about bringing the old into the new, having those elements of the past and incorporating them into the present."
"What makes us unique as a brand are those unexpected details that for us portray a certain playfulness. A lot of it is really about consistency for us. Trying to always push ourselves to present pieces that we can be proud of."
"Constantly challenge yourself. Be consistent and don’t be afraid to take the right risks."


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