18 April 2013

Chief Motion Series: Chi

Always in the thick of things, and always standing out, Chief Clothing comes out with a new episode to their Chief Motion Series. Known for featuring people with different tastes, styles and looks - Chief follows it up, as they feature painter Chi or CHICHImonster; and don't let his name mislead any of you, as Chi's life is full of passion, dedication, love and humility. His passion for the things he loves to do, while keeping his feet on the ground sets him apart from everybody else - the way he manages to stay humble despite how gifted he is. Chief gives us a closer look to what kind of person Chi is, and what influences and drives him to do what he does at such a consistent basis.

"What do you want to achieve? Being able to survive and enjoy my life the way I want to in my terms - through what I like doing."

Check out the whole interview out here.


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