02 April 2013

Gloc 9 feat. Zia Quizon - Katulad Ng Iba (Official Video)

Gloc 9 with Zia Quizon collaborated to produce a song for the awareness and call to action to bullying in schools. In cooperation with Dep Ed, they focused on this overlooked problem in the world of the kids that most of us ignore. To most of us who survived it and who were bullies back in the day, we treat it as something as part of life, but truly it affects children in a very negative way. And sometimes  showing obvious effects or hidden effects that drive an unconscious negative trait or manner when they grow up. Titled 'Katulad Ng Iba', Gloc 9 and Zia Quizon tells the story of these stereotyped kids that become the targets of bullying and, encourage everyone to recognize it and act on it.


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