27 April 2013

PurveyrTV - Deuce Manila and Lorraine Lapus

It was an all female guests show as we talked to the DJ duo Deuce Manila, Patty Manalaysay and Kat De Jesus, and the beautiful sun-kissed surfer girl, Lorraine Lapus. It was a very fun and raw episode as we tried to stray away from microphones for now which made almost all conversations and sounds, even behind-the-scenes hearable. Listen to Deuce Manila share their humble start and their love for music. Then right after, hear Lorraine Lapus talk about her passion for surfing and how nobody really looks great while learning how to surf.

Follow our guests on twitter, @DeuceManila and @LLapus. Our hosts @JoycePring and@DerangedPoet, and our show producer @MarvinConanan with the help of @OlegDeLeon. Lastly, do not forget to like our Facebook page.

Special thanks to NMF Network and Beyond The Box Studio.


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