22 April 2013

PurveyrTV - Gabby's Closet and Diego Castillo

This episode is the longest we've had yet. The conversations with our guests became too interesting and enjoyable that we literally forgot about the time. Watch the Gabby's Closet team, Papo Salinas and Bryan Zafra, talk about the birth of the store and the tendencies of a certified sneakerhead. Then after, listen to Diego Castillo talk about his music, sneakers and basketball with our special guest and friend, George Balobalo. After all those entertaining conversations, let our own Joyce Pring serenade you with a couple of songs to close out the show.

Follow our guests on twitter, @GabbysCloset and @dayglocastillo. Our hosts @JoycePring and @DerangedPoet, and our show producer @MarvinConanan with the help of @OlegDeLeon. Lastly, do not forget to like our Facebook page.

Special thanks to NMF Network and Beyond The Box Studio.


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