21 April 2013

STNDRDS x Peewee Bisnon of WSH: 420 2013

If you're still on that 420 high, then STNDRDS will keep you hooked with this collaboration. Staple local brand STNDRDS MLA links up with graphic designer and co-founder of 'Oh Hello' Peewee Bisnon for a t-shirt to celebrate the very much significant April 20. STNDRDS continues it production of top-notch shirts - the shirt comes in white, and has nicely done illustrations both at the front and the back. This ends up to be quite a fun and enticing collaboration. The pieces revolves around the saying, "Ain't no fun, if the homies can't have none" and is shown in the illustration at the back. Check STNDRDS MLA out as well as Peewee Bisnon to know more about the collaboration.


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