22 April 2013

WIP Caps: WIPCATS Dugout Collection 2013

Just a few days ago, WIP Caps came out with the teaser for their WIPCATS Dugout Collection - and now they've officially welcomed their debut collection. The WIPCATS Collection is comprised of a series of tees, a reversible jacket and a snapback. WIP made it available during 4/20 at the Platform Showcase, and in case you missed it, WIP has gotten site to run once again, so make sure to check them out. The Collection lives up to the hype as the pieces prove to be well-thought of, and done with high-quality materials - you can never go wrong with the people from WIP Caps. It is definitely great to see them expand their brand, from starting off with timely headwear pieces, and now have evolved into the clothing scene. Run by WIP online for further news and releases.


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