01 April 2013

YAWYW: Twelfth House Interview

Local online magazine and culture curator You Are What You Wear recently sat down with the creative director of The Twelfth House, Mikki dela Rea. Mikki gave insight on what their brand stands for, how to build a brand, and a lot more. Here's a little snippet of their conversation:

 "Build branding. If you only got one shirt design, don’t build your brand around it; it should be the other way around. Your branding should also be a reflection of yourself as a person. Stick to a mantra or a brand philosophy. Go out as much as you can and get to know people. It’s almost impossible to do everything alone and you’ll need all the help you can get. Plus, it’s fun getting to know new people. Never hard sell. I know some people call it ‘hustlin’ or what not but it really gets annoying for a consumer. If your products are really good, then people would shell out their hard-earned cash for your stuff. You’ll also gain supporters instead of disgruntled friends who you’ve tagged on Facebook not once, not twice. Don’t rush."

Read the whole interview on the YAWYW blog.


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