07 May 2013

PurveyrTV - George Balobalo, Dannie Boi and Ice Rocks

It was a short notice but we pulled thru and invited three guests for this episode of PurveyrTV. First up with us is George Balobalo, a good friend and part-owner of Secret Service, then local R&B singer and rapper Dannie Boi talked to us about music, and lastly gracing us with a dope performance is local rapper and battle emcee Ice Rocks.

Follow our guests on twitter, @Blogeorge, @DannieBoiRnB and @IceAboveAll. Our hosts @JoycePring and @DerangedPoet, and our show producers @MarvinConanan and @OlegDeLeon. Lastly, do not forget to like our Facebook page.

Special thanks to NMF Network and Beyond The Box Studio.


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