15 May 2013

Rhipstop Sping/Summer 2013: The People You Meet

Cebu-based brand, Rhipstop gets it going with their Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. Previously most remembered-for was their high-quality, anti-sweat tee for Sinulog 2013 - which proved that this brand does mean business, and they're good at it. With their latest collection, they put importance to what is behind each piece - representing every stage of personality you go through, and as time passes, and you get older, your personality and style changes along with you; it is quite fitting to their title of the collection: 'The People You Meet'. Taking a look at each piece, you may notice that it represents a stage in your life - from the tank tops, to the tees, and to the button-downs. In addition to that, they've added several pieces for all the ladies out there, and a pair of navy chino shorts.


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