17 May 2013

UNSCHLD Spring/Summer 2013: Stay Rooted

If the UNSCHLD flagship re-opening isn't enough, then UNSCHLD cooked something up for all of us with a new collection to go with their new store. That's twice the fun. Summer isn't over for our favorite brand, as their Spring/Summer 2013 Collection is comprised of an abundant bunch of tees, button-downs, outerwear and 5-panel caps. Each piece holding its own unique character and design, setting it apart from anything else. But it's not only about the style for UNSCHLD, as they boast their aesthetic and quality with an addition of something new to their shelves - the 5-panel caps. The caps have a variety of patterns and colors - your usual patterned caps are right there and the basic colored ones as well. UNSCHLD has long carried its name, its respect and own weight within the industry. Another well-done and full of fun release by the local favorite. Make sure to head on to the re-opening of the new UNSCHLD store on Saturday, May 18 to get first dibs on these pieces.


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