09 June 2013

PurveyrTV - Save Me Hollywood

In this show, we invited a punk alternative rock band. Composed of Julz Savard, Calde Calderon, Aaron Corvera, Kenneth Aranza and Melvin Macatiag (Did not make it in the show, due to scheduling reasons.), the band is influenced by several genres that each member has a background of, which makes them and their sound really interesting. Know how they formed the band, how Julz surprised Calde and Melvin, and the journey of Aaron and Kenneth into the band. Then after the interview, hear them play two songs live with just guitars. It is a raw, but beautifully done performance by the band.

Follow our guest band on twitter @SaveMeHollywood, our hosts @JoycePring@DerangedPoet and @BloGeorge; and our show producer @MarvinConanan Lastly, do not forget to like our Facebook page.

Special thanks to NMF Network and Beyond The Box Studio.


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