24 June 2013

PurveyrTV - Yumi and Thyro

Rjay Ty went solo in this episode as Joyce Pring and George Balobalo had to be somewhere else. Even though he did the show solo, it was still a very exciting show as he talked with fellow musicians Yumi and Thyro. Know what's new with these two talented singers and how they started. Plus short stories on how it feels to perform for more or less 10 people and when you can't actually remember most lyrics of a song. Then stay put as Yumi and Thyro will be serenading you with three songs before the show ends.

Follow our guest band on twitter @YumiLacsamana and @ThyroAlfaro, our hosts @JoycePring@DerangedPoet and @BloGeorge; and our show producer @MarvinConanan Lastly, do not forget to like our Facebook page.

Special thanks to NMF Network and Beyond The Box Studio.


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