14 June 2013

Vote for Purveyr at the Tatt Awards 2013

It was a surprise when we were informed about us being a finalist in the Tatt Awards 2013. We did not expect any of this, but we are very happy that our work and efforts have been noticed. We thank the team of Young Star for choosing us to be one of the finalists of the category - Future Perfect: The Young Star Blog of the Year.

The main goal of this website/blog is to promote and push local talents and lifestyles, and to be able to be recognized by a bigger audience is the best way to successfully do our mission. And winning this award is definitely a huge step towards that goal. So we are asking you guys to vote for us, not because we just want an award, but also to be able to provide better awareness to our community, culture and lifestyles we all love. Maybe it is time for the unheard of to be out there. Let's all work hand in hand for that to happen.

To vote for us, go to this link (http://www.tattawards2013.com/votes/future-perfect:-the-young-star-blog-of-the-year-1371174871455.html) and look for our vote box (Check the photo below for reference). You can vote via different social media accounts and will be allowed to vote once per hour. If you can vote for us various times, we will greatly appreciate it!

P.S. We are working on something with various local brands as of the moment, please check our Facebook page regularly for updates.


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