18 July 2013

Greyone Social: OBEY Summer 2013 Shoot

The main source for the international streetwear brands in the Metro, Greyone Social does what it does best as it continues to bring in our favorite brands around the world. OBEY is one of Greyone Social's staple brands, and they make sure they bring in OBEY's latest products to their stores. OBEY was an extension to the popular street artist, Shepard Fairey's artwork, he is also responsible for OBEY's logo and other iconic art figures in our time. Inspired by classic military design, workwear basics, infused with today's influences and movements driving contemporary culture. OBEY's Summer 2013 collection consists of updated button-downs, holding true to today's trend of printed tops; it also consists of several staple tees, laid back and patterned tank tops; and also includes a jacket and several camp caps. An assortment of threads are made available for us, and you can find all of these and other brands only at Greyone Social.


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