08 July 2013

weLegendary Ronac: GRIZZLY

Skate brand, Grizzly makes it way to the shelves of local skate shop, weLegendary this month. Started by a young Torey Pudwill, back when the American skateboarder was only twelve years old. Torey Pudwill used baking mold as the original inspiration to the Grizzly logo; drawn by his dad, then later on molded onto steel - and eventually Torey Pudwill and his friends were stamping sheets using the mold and slowly selling it to skate shops. From small and humble beginnings, the brand continued to grow as Torey Pudwill rose to fame and when Grizzly started being distributed by the famous Diamond Supply Company. weLegendary fills their stocks up with some Grizzly apparel - from shirts, to a sweatshirt, range of caps, and a couple of beanies. The drop was released last July 6 so make your way to any weLegendary shop to check these out in-store.


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